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The following individuals and organizations support Bill Blonigan for Mayor of Robbinsdale!

ann rest.png

Ann Rest

State Senator, District 45


Mike Freiberg

State Representative, District 45B


Helen Bassett

Vice Chair, Robbinsdale School Board


Sherry Tyrrell

Treasurer, Robbinsdale School Board


Dan Rogan

Robbinsdale City Council, Ward 2


Pat Backen

Robbinsdale City Council, Ward 4


Why the endorsement?


Bill Blonigan is endorsed by the Minnesota DFL. He feels it is important to be clear that he believes in equal opportunities and treatment of all people, protecting the environment and maintaining a safe and welcoming city.  Blonigan is fiscally conservative.  He has done a lot of work to improve the financial health of our city and keep resident taxes low. 


The role of Mayor is non-partisan.  Bill is committed to listening to residents of all backgrounds and opinions to understand their perspectives and concerns and to help make Robbinsdale a better city for all who live, work and play here.

MPLS Building & Construction Trades Coun

Minneapolis Building & Construction Trades Council

Realtors Political Action Committee Logo

Minnesota REALTORS(R) Political Action Committee

From Walt Fehst, former Robbinsdale City Manager:


I’ve known Bill and his family for nearly 40 years. I was the City Manager in Robbinsdale when Bill was first elected to the Council.  He has always been smart, energetic and committed to service.  He is not ego driven or searching for a political career beyond the City Council.  From the beginning, he learned all he could about our finances.  He helped build our financial reserve from a dangerously low 6% to over 50% of our General Fund Budget while keeping the city’s property taxes among the lowest in the six county Metro area.  Bill’s creativity and ability to think out-of-the-box are the reason he has been a successful problem solver of typical City-related issues.


Bill has a calm demeanor.  Maintaining his composure in tight situations and actively listening are qualities I appreciate in Bill.  I witnessed him listening to upset citizens, searching for details and finding ways to help resolve and deescalate many problems.

Finally, and this is important to me, Bill is a very principled man.  I’ve worked with several hundred Council members and elected officials throughout my career.  Bill is among the most trustworthy. If Bill says he is committed…take it to the bank!

Regan Murphy
Robbinsdale Mayor 2012-2020
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